Bank of America Online Banking

Since it was founded in 1748, this bank has been at the forefront of American financial development. If you use this bank, then you are one of 47m businesses making the most of these services – and one of 32m+ individuals.

Whilst the Bank of America is a relatively easy to use system, at first it’s online banking can seem a little challenging. To help you get over this problem and to maximize your chances of getting the most out of your online banking with BoA, we hope this guide can be of use to you.

Using the BoA online service, you can manage things such as;

• Paying your bills through the web.
• Managing your accounts needs and requirements/
• Viewing your account activity.
• Transfer money between accounts with ease.
• Track account and transactions closely.
• Make expenses checks and deposit checks.
• Send money to friends, family and partners.
• Receive custom alerts.
• Have safe, secure access to your bank at all times.

Using the Bank of America

Whilst all of these services are very easy to use, they can be a little confusing when you first sign in. access, though, is relatively simple. All you need to do is;

1. Visit the official Bank of America website.
2. Next, you will see the area that says “Sign in to Online Banking.”
3. Head into this heading, and you’ll see two boxes to pick from. In one, enter your Online ID provided by the bank. In the second, enter your online bank account password. You can save your online ID by ticking the ‘Save this online ID’ box. However, don’t do this unless you are using a private PC that only you use.
4. Hit the ‘Sign In’ button at the bottom of the page and allow your page to load up.
5. Once you are down, you will be within your account and free to change and adjust just about anything that you may need to change.

Enrolling for Bank of America Online Banking

Not using online banking yet? You should!

It’s super easy to set up and so incredibly useful. To help you manage the process, all you need to do is follow the guide below;
1. Go to the Bank of America website.
2. Provide the needed details in the Your Information, Create ID and Passcode, Security Setup and Review sections. Each of these are fairly self-explanatory.
3. This will be details such as your banking account, card numbers and similar details such as Social Security number, Tax Identification and various other factors. Once satisfied, hit ‘Continue’.
4. You’ll also have to choose details such as your username and password. These tend to have some specific rules to enhance safety so make sure your choices fit the requirements of the site.
5. Then, you’ll have to answer some security questions to make your account more secure in the future.
6. The final step is to review all of the information provided – once confirmed, your account will be processed and created.
7. It really is that simple to start enjoying a freer, fresher and fairer way to bank your money!